April 2014

April 2014

In this edition, you can read about: why you should bother with probity; how an audit project made a difference to young people; contractor management issues to consider; output based budgeting; implementing the GSE Act; and how and why we revamped our website.

Issue 10

Issue 10, February 2013

IAB welcomes a new Director
IAB Not for profit solution
IAB goes undercover
Introducing some IAB Contractors
IAB Service Lines.

Issue 9

Issue 9, July 2012

In this issue see why Stephen Horne was a finalist in the Government 2.0 awards and meet Lynn Bruce, Penny Corkill, Kate Molloy, part of the IAB team.

Issue 8

Issue 8, April 2012

In this issue we reveal IAB's sponsorship deals, we showcase the Auditor General's "Governance Lighthouse" model and provide 2 case studies highlighting the range of IAB services.

Issue 7

Issue 7, December 2011

In this issue we cover the following topics and more. Enhancing our public sector improvement program, Conduct and ethical behaviour training, Mangement and monitoring of financial staff to prevent fraud .

Issue 6

Issue 6, July 2011

In this issue see how we enhance our public sector improvement program and meet some of the IAB staff.

Issue 5

Issue 5, December 2010

See why the IAB is LIFTING THE STANDARD in reputation management, investigations and inquiries, compliance and more.

Issue 4

Issue 4, December 2009

In this issue we look at corruption resistanse, taxation compliance, improving employee conduct and performance, as well as assessing sources of conflict in the workplace.

Issue 3

Issue 3, July 2008


Issue 2

Issue 2, November 2007